This microsite is pretty old. Here's this.

Citizens on Patrol, in conjuction with the unbelievably patient, talented, kind, giving, amazing people representing Niteskool who convened this past Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, have put together the most incredible music video. It's shot on actual film, y'all. Film.

Show tonight! 1800 Club 10pm 21+ $3.
1800 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL

Barry made us a new official Citizens on Patrol website. It's still in the works, but it'll be great. It is great.

[edit] I think our gig just got scrapped, because our bassist is going to be playing the Conan O'Brien show with his other band, the Arcade Fire, on Feb 1. Which is, like, a totally right-on reason to have a show scrapped. Watch Conan that night!

Sweet tsunami relief gig. We took three brand-new, never-before-heard songs out for a test drive. [photos]

Long time no see! These past couple years I've been focusing more on our band, Citizens on Patrol, while my own dulcimer-playin' has become more of a personal side-project. So, this new site is divvied to discuss both. Anyway. The big news is this: our band, which was a cover band, finally wrote two original songs. Well. Last night we found out we've won ourselves a Niteskool music video with one of them! Thanks to the enormous sum of grant money, they'll rerecord the demo with us, and make it beautiful, and come up with some super video to accompany it. We're flipping out. More news to follow. This is the winning song.

ten months to the day of my last promise. it's done done done, and you can buy it.

okay, yes yes yes, this album is nearing completion. recorded this summer in austin, mostly at the drury inn, by t.w. bond of business deal entertainment and mike charron of bear midrift productions and the rock outfit the hayden elders. so, it's about done. real audio streams to be uploaded soon.