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o Jackson
Brian Taylor and I remote-recorded this John and June Carter Cash song. It was BT's idea to switch the genders.
o Neverending Pizza
Home recording, November 2012. To the tune of "Neverending Story."
o Maps
Home recording, December 2011. Jenn on dulcimer, toy piano, air organ; the rest is Garageband

With Nik Braatz:
o Fairytale of New York, 4.25MB
Home recording. Nik on guitar, Jenn on dulcimer and Tupperware
o Heartbreak Stroll, ??MB
Home recording. Terrible cover of Raveonettes song. Nik on guitar, Jenn on toy piano

As Citizens on Patrol:
o Searching High, 1.07 MB
This is the secret studio version, which we recorded with Roger at 3pear. With Eric Tal, Adam Yanke, Alex Thomas, and Will Butler
o Goodbye to You
My second most favorite cover ever, not because I ever really knew the words, but because it has Dr. Adam Yanke on keytar! Alex Thomas on drums, Will Butler on bass, Eric Tal on gee-tar

Live with Sandpiper Air:
o Goonies 'R Good Enough, 2.71 MB
My most favorite cover ever! Recorded on tape cassette. With Alex, Will, Barry Kardon on guitar, and Dave Wiemer gee-tar/vox
o Ballroom Blitz
My third most favorite cover ever! Tape cassette; same crew
o Boots Made for Walkin'
This one is kind of okay.
o Be My Baby

You could have bought this CD, but I pulled the link down!:
o February, 1.70 MB
This is a rerecording of the original song (recorded in Microsoft Sound Recorder in February 2001), with new digi-FX by T.W. Bond.
o This One Time, 1.11 MB
T.W. Bond also recorded this when I was 20. Jenn on dulcimer and bowed psaltry, with T.W. doing drums and erhu
o Potsdam!, 1.8 MB
This was originally for college German class
o Best in Me
pretty uncomfortable thing from when I was 19

Duets with TW Bond:
o Leaving on a Jet Plane, 1.87 MB
Earning the nickname "The One-Take Wonder"
o Don't Wanna Missa Thang
Thanks to T.W., Mike, and absolutely anyone else who made this possible.

For the CGW/GFW podcast:
o Dear Shawn
This is a pretty awful Dido impression

Live, for Negative Space?:
o Negative Space Trailer, Quicktime movie LAC
My Negative Space Altar.