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[From left] Eric, Mark, Alex, Will

Here are four incredibly important dudes in my life. We are in a band together, and this is a photo I took from last year. I keep a blimped-up glossy of this on my bulletin board.

- When Eric isn't playing guitar, he is, in fact, an enormously talented dancer. I'm not sure what his college major is, but it might be dancing. And before Eric played the guitar in our band, he was our designated Band Dancer.

- Mark calls himself our manager, and he's gotten pretty good at recording us. Before Mark started saying he was managing us, he was our designated Band Un-dancer. His best un-dance move was the Running Man. When Mark isn't an elementary schoolteacher, he unlocks the radio station and lets us practice there. He and I both used to work there, but now neither of us do.

- When he isn't drumming, Alex is a well-known cartoonist. Not only are we in a band together, we were in a couple plays together.

- And when he isn't playing bass, Will is in a world-famous band, in which he plays, I think, bass. Will works at the radio station Mark and I used to work at.

- [Unpictured] Adam is our newest member. He plays synth, and knows Alex from med school.

- [Unpictured] Barry is the most talented rock guitarist I know. He used to play guitar in our band. Now he anonymously assaults my livejournal from the safety and comfort of Colorado.

- [Unpictured] Andy. When Will moved to Canada to record the now world-famous album with his other band, Andy played bass. Andy also composes music for these people Alex and I know.

- [Unpictured] Dave, founding member and former frontman, has moved to LA to pursue sitcom-writing. We promptly changed the band's name when he left. Godspeed, Dave.

- [Unpictured] Me. I'm in this band, too.